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The arrival of a baby is always a time of intense emotion. Laboratoires Gilbert wishes to accompany parents during these wonderful moments in life and has put baby and childcare at the heart of its development priorities.

We are now the leader in pharmacy sales for baby products in France*, thanks to the development of products that are perfectly adapted to the physiology of infants, guaranteeing complete safety, solely with the aim of helping the most vulnerable human beings to grow and develop well, enjoying the first months and years of life in complete tranquillity.

Thus, Laboratoires Gilbert provides solutions for basic infant needs, helping babies to grow confidently whilst taking care of their fragile skin.

- Breathing: physiological saline solution, baby nasal aspirator

- Food and drink: infant formulas taking into account the physiology of the infant, bottles, etc.

- Cleanliness: oleo-limestone liniment oil (cleansing and protective product for nappy changes)

- Resting, sleeping: natural teething gel, soothers, etc .

*Source IMS --> IMS UNITS MAT March 2018 – Segments: hygiene, infant formula, saline solution and early child care articles.






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