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Laboratoires Gilbert Date de création : 1904 Activité : Compendial products

The same quality in hospitals and at home

Laboratoires Gilbert offers a full range of 30 essential products to keep the family medicine chest well stocked:

  • Antiseptics for damaged skin,
  • Primary care,
  • Hand hygiene products,
  • First aid,
  • Baby skin-care products (nappy change milk, talc...)

For more than 110 years, innovation and quality have been the driving forces at Laboratoires Gilbert. Thanks to our expertise in the pharmaceutical field and our specialisation in manufacturing sterile unidose containers, we have become a major player in the hospital supply market.

Our products are widely used in medical and surgical units for detergent cleansing of the operative field, for disinfection and for the treatment of wounds.

The same quality standard apply to all our products : at home or in hospitals.

Laboratoires gilbert

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